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We shape up your ideas 

Strategic Planning

strategic planning

Driving the "go forward" decision

Taking a product from concept to reality is challenging. The development plans we build provide the detail you need to achieve your next business or technical objective.

Architecture Development

architecture development

Defining the product experience

We apply engineering rigor to develop and assess technology paths that will achieve the desired experience and usher the product smoothly through the subsequent stages of development. Consider it your roadmap to success.

Proof of Concept

proof of concept

Proving feasibility

When you need more than a piece of paper to demonstrate the technical viability of a product, we take the product concept and build a works-like prototype.

Product Prototype

product prototype

Demonstrating product concept

We’ll help you look good with form-factor prototypes you can use to demonstrate the product experience to key stakeholders.

Market Readiness

market readiness

Preparing for production

Product readiness to the customer is essential to the success of a product, whether you’re marking to 100 or 1 customer. Early involvement of our team ensures the integrity of the product.

Support & Maintenance

support & maintainence

Continuous journey

Comprehensive maintenance and support is the backbone for the success of any product. Global support teams will ensure the smooth transition of post production activities 

Why Magnetah

why magnetah

  • Extensive experience in cloud and on premises custom application development

  • Proven industry expertise in various domains

  • Pay per use billing

  • Agile delivery to minimize the risk and accelerate the delivery

  • Global delivery and support teams

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